Funny Whatsapp Pappu Joke SMS in Hindi

अफसर: – आप नौसेना में भर्ती होने आये हैं और
आपको तैरना नहीं आता….???
पप्पू: – तो क्या हुआ सर…! जो वायुसेना में जाते हैं,
उन्हें कौन सा उड़ना आता है…. 🙂 🙂

Funny Doctor, Patient, and Patni Joke in Hindi

मरीज: डॉ. साहब, जल्दी कुछ करो, मेरे पैरों पर एक
औरत ने गाड़ी चढ़ा दी…!!!

डॉक्टर ने अच्छे से चेक किया और पाया कि मामूली चोट है पर मरीज
घबराया हुआ है।

डॉक्टर: – ओ हो भाई आपरेशन करना पड़ेगा, बहुत खर्चा आयेगा,
तैयार हो…???
मरीज: – कुछ भी करो जल्दी करो। कमीनी ने मरा सोच कर
उठाया भी नहीं…!!!

इतने में ही डॉक्टर की बीवी का
फोन आया…, डॉक्टर: – हलो…!!!

बीवी:- हलो छोड़ो, ये बताओ मैं क्या करूं…?
मुझसे कार चलाते में एक आदमी मर गया!
सहारनपुर चौक पर।

डॉक्टर: आदमी ने कपड़े कैसे पहन रखे थे…?
पत्नी: – हरी टी शर्ट और काली पैंट…!!!
डॉक्टर: ओहो, तो उसे तुमने मारा है! पुलिस खूनी को तलाश
करती हुई घूम रही है…!!!
पत्नी: तो अब क्या करूं….???
डॉक्टर: – करना क्या है, चार-छह महीने के लिए मायके
भाग जा जल्दी…!!!
पत्नी: – ठीक है जा रही हूँ…!!
मरीज: – डॉ साहब करो ना कुछ, डॉक्टर : भाई कुछ नहीं हुआ है तेरे को….!
ये ले 500 रूपये और चार बियर ले आ, दोनों पियेंगे…!!!

और हाँ, ये हरी टी शर्ट निकाल के जाना…!!!

Santa and Nauker FUnny Joke in Hindi

संता (नौकर से): – ज़रा देख तो बाहर सूरज
निकला या नहीं….???
नौकर: – बाहर तो अँधेरा है…!!!
संता – अरे तो टॉर्च जलाकर देख ले कामचोर….????

Starcast of ‘Veer The Wedding’, arrives in Delhi, will start shooting soon

Starcast of 'Veer The Wedding', arrives in Delhi, will start shooting soon

Mumbai. Bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor Khan, Sonam Kapoor and Swara Bhaskar are all set to appear in the movie Veer The Wedding. The full star cast for the first schedule of this film has reached the capital Delhi. The movie will start shooting soon.

Please tell that the film is being produced by Sona Kapoor’s sister Riya Kapoor. Regarding this, Riya Kapoor says that she is very excited about shooting with the whole team. Now the shooting station is Delhi. Here’s food, fashion and lifestyle which is absolutely perfect for shooting ‘Veerre The Wedding’.

Let us tell you that in this movie, besides Kareena, Sonam, Swara, Shikha Dalsiya is also. In the same sequence, Riya tells that, Veer The Wedding is like a fun ride which will explore the spirit of modern Indian woman. Shashank Ghosh is directing this movie. The film will release next year.

Movie Review – Ultimate Entertaining Movie Shubh Mangal Savdhan

Shubh Mangal Savdhan

Shubh Mangal Savdhan is such a movie that will make you tickle and laugh too. That is, the whole money is recovered. It is not that this is a vulgar film and sex comedy. The subject of the film is something that is not openly discussed. This topic is linked to men. It is also called the Gentts Problem. If you speak openly, it is called impotence.

This is the subject of the film and it has been made into a film based on comedy chasni. The story begins with the love of Mudit (Ayushman Khurana) and Sugandha (Land Pedekarkar). At the first sight, Mudit gets loving with sweet smell. But she is hesitant to tell him. He takes the help of digital to send a marriage proposal to Sugandha with the point of mind. Both the family get convinced on the matter of marriage But the tension between the mud and the fragrance increases when the mudit tells them that he is going through the symptoms of a particular disease of the man. Sugandha loves Mudit so she still agrees to marry him. He says that after marriage if he passed through such a disease, would he break the marriage with him? This is a big message in the film. In the marriage environment, the story progresses and if the mercurial and sweet can get married then it will have to see the climax of the film.

This is a new and entertaining subject for Hindi movies. But such a movie has arrived in Tamil. The Tamil film Kalyana Samayal Saadhna was directed by R. S. Prasanna. The remake of the same movie is Shubh Mangal Savdhan. It has also been directed by Prasanna. That’s why film direction is good. This film is produced by Anand L. Rai and Krisika Lulla. The author is Hitesh Kewale and he has written a cheeky dialogue so that the audience gets a full chance to laugh.

Ayushman and the land had previously worked together in the film Hisha. Shubh Mangal Savdhan also has both of the chemistry good. In the way Wishi Donor played the role of Ayushman in his film, he also acted in Shubh Mangal Savdhan. The land has also acted impressively. The story is attached to the city of Delhi, so the dialect of it has been kept in the dialogue. The small town is being linked to films. Apart from Delhi, this movie has also been shown to Haridwar.

How to Know about Boys Virginity

How to Know about Boys Virginity

Virginity has always been a disputed issue. The virginity of women can be easily detected. But it is very difficult to know about the virginity of men. In this connection, today we are going to tell about some such approaches. Who can be traced about the virginity of the boys?

If a boy is very shy and he is afraid to touch a girl, then understand that he is a virgin.

If a boy is hesitant to talk to girls or he becomes shy in shame in front of a girl, then he is a virgin.

If a boy is feeling very embarrassed while making a physical relationship, then he has never done such a thing before.

During sex, you can easily find out from the boy’s behaviors whether it is a virgin or not, because the experienced man knows how to do his job correctly.

Donald Trump to donate $ 10 million for Texas

Donald Trump to donate $ 10 million for TexasWashington. US President Donald Trump will donate $ 1 million to his property for attempts to recover from storms in Texas. Although the White House has said that they have not decided on which groups or groups they will give this money to. White House Press Secretary Sara Soders said on Thursday (August 31), “She wants to be involved in those efforts, which has seen many people connected to the country.” He said that this amount will come from the President’s personal wealth.

According to CNN’s report, he said that the President has not decided which fund to give to the organization, but he has urged the media for suitable groups. According to the report, due to promise of funds for Trump’s donation and after the promise, his record is a stain. In the past, he has also offered to increase the money given through his charitable organization. Now this institution has been closed. Sanders said that the President intended to return Saturday (September 2) to Southwest to see the devastation of floods in Houston, Lake Charles, Louisiana. Trump meets officials in Corpus Christi, Texas on Wednesday (August 30th).

In Texas, American citizens of Indian origin, especially young people, are helping them by distributing food content among the people affected by the cyclone Harvey, sheltering them and providing medical assistance. Even though these people are also affected by the cyclone But they have made many volunteer groups through Facebook and WhatsApp to share the details of the affected families in every neighborhood. Are. Temples, gurudwaras, mosques and many restaurants have opened their doors for the victims. Indian restaurants are providing free food, water, medicines and other goods to the people.

Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris have Smooch to Lady DJ!

Michael Jackson's daughter Paris made Smooth to Lady DJ!

Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris have Smooch to Lady DJ! Paris is a modus, actress, and activist. Caroline is the name of Paris who is smooching. 33-year-old Caroline is the American DJ Both of these photos were taken during MTV’s Video Music Awards 2017. The show is an annual award show where singers are honored.

People who liked the dress they wore during this time, you can imagine their fame that they have 1.9 million followers on the Insta. At 1.33 million people follow Paris on twitter.

Movie Review: Thrill and Suspense is Full of Ajay Devgan’s Badshaho

In the last one year, three times postponed film Badshaho has finally been released on the big screen. Being a multi-starer movie, all were eagerly waiting for this film. Apart from Ajay Devgan and Ileana in the film, Imran Hashmi, Isha Gupta, Sanjay Mishra and Vidyut Jamwal are also in the lead role. In this thriller movie, romance, action, and suspense will be available in plenty. The budget of the film is being told around 80 crores. This film was part of the Dream Project of Ajay Devgan and Milan Luthria and both of them have great expectations from this film.

Story: –
The film’s story dates back to the 1975 era of emergency. At that time, the government was gathering all the treasures and collecting their gold from their treasury. The Maharaja of Rajasthan, Gitanjali (Ileana D’Cruz), also seized the government and seized them. During the emergency, most people leaned in front of the government, but the queen Gitanjali did not give up. He entrusts his soldier Bhawani Singh (Ajay Devgan) the responsibility of bringing his gold back. He has to be brought to Delhi by rail from Sona Jaipur and his responsibility is assigned to a senior officer (Electric Jummwal). But Bhavani Singh and his fellow Dalia (Imran Hashmi), Tikla (Sanjay Mitra) and Sanjana (Isha Gupta) plan to rob the train in the middle. Will he be able to get back the gold kept on the train, for that you will have to watch the film?

In the role of Bhawani Singh, Ajay Devgan has done a strong acting. In the role of the queen, Ileana looks very beautiful and her pair with Ajay Devgan seems amazing. Imran Hashmi has played his role very well every time. Electric Jammwal fits perfectly in the role of the officer and seeing them, it seems that he could not do any better role than this. Sanjay Mishra and Queen’s friend Bunty Isha Gupta have also done a commendable work of praise.
Badshaho Acting

See what
The story of the film is very sensitive. The suspense is kept intact till the end of the film. The 15 minute film is very important. The film is left in the interval with a suspense which forces viewers to stay tied with the film. The film also has a good amount of bold scenes. The film has already come into controversy about this, due to which Ajay had said that we have not made any request. If there is a fan of suspense, thriller and action movies, then watch out for this movie.

Music and Direction
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s song “Mere Rashke Kamar” has already become a super hit by the people. Apart from this, ‘Mohan’s’ Piya More’ and ‘Sokha Hai’ songs are also liked by the audience. Talking about the direction, Milan Luthria has tried to make the film a complete package, in which she has been successful too. . An item number of Sunny Leoni has also been cast in the film.

Badshaho will be counted in this year’s good films. The audience was looking for such a desi action film for quite some time. The movie is full of adventures, action and spice. From our side, the film has 3.5 stars out of 5.

Box office
Film direct competition from Badshaho, Ayushman Khurana, and Land Pedenekar’s film is auspicious by Mangal Suraksha. Badshaho’s producer Bhushan Kumar has great expectations from this film. Being a multi star film, the budget of the movie is also very high. So it is very important to enter the 100 crores club of the film. The trailer of the movie has already been hit, we have to see how the film can perform at the box office. Trade pundits expect that the film will earn well at the box office.

Kim Kaiserseri Want to Do Bold Photoshots

Kim Kaiserseri Want to Do Bold Photoshots

TV Actress Kim Kesharayan wants to make bold photo shoots to show her slim body figure.

TV Actress Kim Keshav Karyan remains in the discussion due to his photograph more than his work. This time Kim is also in the discussion about his statement. Kim says that he wants to make bold photo shoot to show his slim body figure after the baby’s birth. There are speculations that after the strict diet they are now ready for such photo shoot. The 36-year-old star of ‘Reality show’ Keeping Up With Kardashian ‘is looking for a good photographer or magazine. Kim wants people to think about him …

Kim Kardashian says, “My dream is that people think that I am so fit. Since you work hard, you want people to see this change. Earlier I did not think about this, but I can now say that I will surely make photo shoots’. Kim says, “The pain of getting photographed during pregnancy. I wish not to get more photos during pregnancy. I used to look very thick at that time and no longer want to see the photos of that time. I used to draw photos from a distance so that if I could see my stomach from a distance, it would not be too thick ‘.

Kim and her husband West have two children, in which daughter is North and Son Saint. Kim also denied that he would burn with his younger sister Kylie Jenner and fight, he said that this is a lie. We both like to do makeup. There is no rivalry between the two. Please tell that Kim has shared many of his hot and bold photos on Instagram. They have 102 million followers on Instagram.